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Extreme Cloud Gazing is an installation by artist Julie Gladstone in the lobby of the Gladstone Hotel as part of the 2017 Grow-Op Contemporary Art, landscape, design, urbanism and the environment fair.  In this immersive installation, the viewer is invited to contemplate an extreme weather event in an unlikely environment; the lobby of a hotel. This project creates intersections between painting,  sculpture and installation art through an interactive experience that aims to be a contemporary expression of the Sublime and the Tradition of Romantic landscape painting. The storm consists of clouds from multiple types of weather and from multiple times of day, creating a dramatic and non-sensical weather experience.  


This project aims to draw awareness around climate change and it's impact on weather systems as well as on our public imagination.  Reprising biblical themes of the Great Flood and our society's fixation on Apocalyptic fantasies,  the installation invites viewers to contemplate a challenging reality through the magical and meditative act of Cloud Gazing. Each cloud has been hand sculpted and painted by the artist in her signature style that draws from the cannon of painting with references to Romantic Landscape Painting,  Pop Art and Abstraction    


In association with the Extreme Cloud Gazing project is the "Adopt- An Extreme Cloud"  Fundraiser for the David Suzuki Foundation.   Give an extreme cloud a good home.  Each cloud sculpture is painted by award winning Canadian artist  Julie Gladstone.    50% of all cloud sales will be donated to the David Suzuki Foundation in support of their work on climate change and a move towards renewable energy sources, reduction of  Green House Gas Emissions, phasing out Fossil Fuel subsidies and investment in renewable energy for economic, environmental and health benefits for Canada and the rest of the world.  

To view an online gallery of clouds and to adopt your own cloud please browse through our online gallery and send an email to to arrange delivery.  For press or exhibition inquiries, or for acquisition of the entire installation please contact the gallery.  


*Please note, clouds will only available for delivery as of May 24th, 2017


Extreme Cloud Gallery + Online Store


Grow-Op 2017

"Extreme Cloud Gazing"  will be presented as a part of the  2017 "Grow Op" Exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, an exhibition celebrating contemporary art, the environment,  landscape, design and questions around the intersections between city and nature curated by Christine Leu and Alan Webb of LeuWebb Projects with Lukus Toane.  


 Opening Reception:  Friday April 21st, 2017.  7 - 10pm.


Tickets are $10 For more information and to buy tickets:


Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for their generous support of this project.




Extreme Cloud Gazing

is an ongoing project by Toronto based artist Julie Gladstone to raise awareness and explore societal attitudes and experiences around climate change.  First conceived in 2016 during an artist residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point,  Extreme cloud gazing is an immersive experience that aims to create a contemporary experience of the Sublime.  This project elaborates upon the major themes of Romantic Landscape painting and the environment that have played an important role in her painting practice since "The Sky is Falling" a solo show at Walnut Contemporary in 2013, a subsequent grant from the Toronto Arts Council in 2014 and an artist residency in Iceland in 2015. 


Julie Gladstone

is a painter, installation artist and director of Gallery 555 in Toronto. A winner of the SIM International Artist Residency in Iceland, the Artscape Award at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and the CSCE Emerging Artist Award, her work has been included in notable exhibitions at the Department of Canadian Heritage, Living Arts Centre, Angell Gallery auction and she has had solo shows at Walnut Contemporary and Navillus Gallery in Toronto.  She has received support from the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council.  Her work can be found in the City of Edmonton art collection and in private collections across Canada, the US and the UK.

Extreme Cloud Gazing at Artscape Gibrlatar Point, Toronto Island 2016



Extreme Cloud Gazing at Artscape Gibrlatar Point, Toronto Island 2016


"Good Cloud, Bad Cloud" oil on panel  30" x 30",  2013 

  From 2013 "The Sky is Falling"  solo show at Walnut Contemporary


"Looking On The Bright Side"  30" x 30"  oil on panel 2015 
 winner of the 2016 CSCE emerging artist award.  

"The Tempest"  36" x 48"  oil on panel, 2014
  Produced with the assistance of a Toronto Arts Council Grant 


"Terrible Rainbows"  30" x 30"  oil on panel, 2015
  Produced during an international artist residency at SIM in Reykjavik Iceland.