Amy Bowles


Amy Bowles, born in London, England graduated with a BA in ceramic Design from Cardiff College of Art in 1996. Bowles moved to Toronto in 1999 where she has shown her work regularly whilst also experimenting with painting, music-( Pony da Look, Permafrown and Hollow Earth) and acting on stage and in film before returning to her passion for ceramics in 2008.
Bowles was recently in a show at Paul Petro Contemporary Art gallery titled ‘West Country’ where she showcased her highly detailed ceramic sculptures alongside the paintings of Gary Evans. 
Amy is represented by Paul Petro Contemporary Arts and has received grants from Toronto and Ontario Arts Councils. 


Artist Statement for Portals- Amy Bowles


There's a thin, porous skin which stretches out between the world that we know, and the unknown. I like to think that if I knock with my knuckles against the open air, that I can be heard; and that I may even one day receive a reply. I hope that my ceramic pieces, shown here in ‘Portals’, suggest this possible discourse between things that can be seen, and intangible worlds which peek back at us from beyond. The two watercolours I am showing also speak to this concept of liminality, and of a desire to reach out into different worlds through the imagination.

- Amy Bowles

instagram:  @mossywood