Amy Bowles: Casting The Stones

October 26 - November 11


Gallery 555 presents “Casting The Stones” a solo show by Toronto based interdisciplinary artist Amy Bowles, featuring a series of paintings on stones and works on paper made during a recent residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point.  (Artwork courtesy of Paul Petro Contemporary Arts)  

Please join us for an opening reception; wine and snacks will be offered and the artist will be present.


Opening Reception Thursday October 26th 7 - 9pm


Gallery 555  555 Bloor St. W Suite 6 Toronto


About the Artist 

Amy Bowles, born in London, England graduated with a BA in ceramic Design from Cardiff College of Art in 1996. Bowles moved to Toronto in 1999 where she has shown her work regularly whilst also experimenting with painting, music-( Pony da Look, Permafrown and Hollow Earth) and acting on stage and in film before returning to her passion for ceramics in 2008.  Amy is represented by Paul Petro Contemporary Arts and has received grants from Toronto and Ontario Arts Councils.

In March 2015 I spent a week-long residency at Artscape, Gibraltar Point.  During my stay I walked along the beaches of Toronto Island collecting stones. I choose them for their flatness and smoothness, surfaces that would serve as little stony canvases.

The wild March winds, the island's foliage and wildlife that was growing and living outside my door, and the quickly falling nights that blanketed my studio moved me to want to populate my space with painted characters that became the casting of the stones. Each one developed as a unique cast member: a vampire, a swan, a goat, a tree, a Green Man - all participants in a story that continues to unfold, stone by stone.

- Amy Bowles