Being By Hailly Lucas

 Gallery 555 is proud to present 



light installation by 4th year OCAD student Hailly Lucas.  


Opening Reception 

Friday April 28th 7 - 9pm



Gallery Hours


Saturday April 29th 2 - 7pm

Sunday  April 30th  1 - 3pm


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Artist Statement


This installation developed as I studied and explored the concept of nothingness, which turned out to be an intangibly subjective and imaginative concept. Trying to express this within the physical/objective realm doesn’t work very well. My work became tied up in this conflict and I created a work that attempts to be an alternative to our contemporary, objective reality. I have created an immersive environment in which viewers are invited to simply be; the meaning of the work is generated by the subjective and imaginative experience of its viewers.  

The point of doing this is to take us away from our objective reality and lead us back to our subjective, childlike imaginations, to let go and just let things be, to tumble down the rabbit hole.