Daniel St-Amant


Born and raised in Richmond, Quebec Daniel St-Amant is right in the thick of forging his reputable path in the art world. Daniel has accumulated a plethora of credentials, such as a Fine Arts diploma at Champlain College, a bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) from the esteemed Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) and a graduate diploma from Seneca at York University in visual effects for film and television. Daniel is collected both nationally and internationally and has been featured in a variety of cultural art and news publications. He combines artistic talent with strong design and technical skills as a visual effects artist at one of the top feature film studios in Toronto where he has received multiple VFX credits on Hollywood features such as Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ben Hur and most recently Wolverine “Logan”.



Daniel St-Amant is a mixed media artist well-known for his unique practice of capturing tire tracks from urban surroundings and fusing them with found objects and wildlife portraits. His work initiates a dialogue on how industrialism, urbanization and the drain on our natural resources are altering population and habitats globally. He describes this method and body of work as “Modern Surfaces.” Daniel lays his canvasses on road- surfaces in areas of urban traffic or construction, and lets vehicles leave their impressions as you would do with a drawing. Then, in the midst of those urban imprints, he paints wildlife that often seem poised in watchfulness, almost demanding that the viewer engage with them. Modern Surfaces explores the way human encroachment, driven by consumption, leaves its impact on the landscape and wildlife around us. Daniel paintings’ somber but resolute subjects stand out and confront the human gaze, forcing us to acknowledge our place within nature, not above it, no matter what i!ndelible marks we might leave on the landscape.