Rebecca Chaperon


b - 1978.

Rebecca Chaperon is a Canadian contemporary painter who uses painting and sculpture to depict metaphysical spaces, alternate dimensions and glimpses of the natural world through a surreal filter. Rebecca is a story-teller, weaving obscure narratives of science-fiction and mystery into her art.

Rebecca has a BA from Emily Carr University and is a two-time recipient of Canada Council for the Arts project grant for visual artists and author and illustrator of the darkly humorous picture book ~ Eerie Dearies: 26 Ways to Miss School.



Portals Group Exhibition:  Rebecca Chaperon ~ Artist Statement



“ My 2011 exhibit Like A Great Black Fire was the first time that these mysterious flat shapes appeared in my work. Over time I began to think of these shapes as Portals. A door to another dimension.In my practice I work with painting, sculpture & installation to develop images of metaphysical spaces that are presented as possible alternate dimensions, symbolic interpretations or enigmatic escape hatches, with the understanding that the space we exist in is more mysterious than the limits of our perception. Also, there are moments in my work when enigmatic figures serve as central characters that move through these worlds via portals and cave systems.”


~Rebecca Chaperon




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