Vanessa McKernan


Vanessa McKernan received her honors BFA in Studio Art from Concordia University. In the year of her graduation she was also awarded the Cecil Buller - John J.A. Murphy Scholarship for Drawing and more recently won third place in the TYPE competition at The Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair. McKernan has exhibited at the Galleria Nacional in Costa Rica, with Dahl House Productions in Los Angeles California and at numerous galleries and art fairs in Toronto Canada, the city where she currently works and resides. !


Artist’s Statement

My work as a painter begins with a focus on the narration of a dream, fantasy, memory or experience. In these narratives the figure is my primary subject, acting as a vehicle through which I can explore the fragility of the human person. Through exaggerated gesture and broken posture, these figures grapple with their presence in a socially and physically unstable world.